Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Maggie's Story (1) - Meeting the Person Who Enriched Our Family So Deeply -

By Anges Hodolowitz

Last summer, Maggie and I spent 3 weeks in Shanghai where she participated in an intensive dance program. Then, we traveled to Chengdu where a guide drove us into the magnificent mountains and to a panda preserve where we actually played with pandas! After that, we took a Yangtzeh River cruise through the Great Gorges to the Dam and flew back to Shanghai. It was a great adventure for us and we can't wait to return, the next time heading also for Leping in Jiangxi. Maggie now feels ready.

I still can't believe that tonight I got to meet the person who enriched our family so deeply by matching us with our beloved Maggie. How many thousands of times I had wondered who it was, whose blessed hand it was, and now I met her. (To be continued)

Thank you so much, George.

Agnes Horowitz

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