Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Magie's Story (2) - The Matching Room of CCAA?

By Agnes Horowitz

The "matching room?" Is that really how it works?? My goodness. The very term conjures up amazing images for me. It's like playing God, no matter how dramatic this sounds. In the matching room, they literally transform people's lives by the choices they make. In fact, Maggie asked me a few days ago, Mommy, what if I had been matched with a family that didn't care about my love of dance???

How on earth did they know that for us Maggie will be a dream come true? She has all of our best traits and none of the bad ones! She has my diseased mother's talent for dance, my gift for languages, my husband's gift for music, she is a bookworm as we all are - how did they do it? This choice was not accidental. We say so every single day, in amazement. The surprise has not yet worn off in six years.

Many adoptive moms say we can brag since we didn't give birth to our daughters. So, in that spirit:

Maggie takes 4 Bolshoi style ballet classes a week, on professional teenage level, in the school of a former Bolshoi ballerina/New York City Ballet principal. Miss Kozlova, along with another leading expert on young dancers, has pronounced Maggie to be a dance prodigy. They are putting her "en pointe," those painful hard toed shoes that vaguely remind me of the old Chinese footbinding! They are training her to enter a big ballet competition. We're all thrilled for her.

As for Chinese dance, Maggie claims she will never give it up no matter how it conflicts with ballet! At NYCCC, 50 Saturdays a year, she takes sword dance with Gu Bei Bei, a great master; plus 2 folk dance classes with the fabulous Hu lao shi whom you probably met at the International Children's Day event; 2 barre classes; and a Mandarin class. Last summer, we spent 3 weeks in Shanghai where Maggie studied at a leading dance academy, then we travelled around - Chengdu, 13,000 feet high mountains, panda preserve, Yangtzeh cruise (where Maggie performed solo, which she often does). We loved the entire adventure and can hardly wait to return.

Dear George, all the best to you, and your lovely wife, and thank you again for all you have been doing and are doing to make us all so happy and grateful.

Agnes Horowitz

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