Friday, November 30, 2007

Favorite Fall Photos from the Gallagher Family

Some favorite fall photos from the Gallagher Family (Kevin, Jeannine, Kevin Jr, Sarah, Philip & Mei):

Hello from Nanchang

We arrived in Nanchang on Sunday afternoon and met Kiana (Shao Tong) about an hour after we arrived at the hotel. The first night was rough for this first time mommy. Everytime we picked her up or touched her she would cry..make that SCREAM! She did not want to sleep in the crib and spent the night in the stroller in front of the TV.

Day 2 we finally got a smile :) Now Day 5 is coming to a close...we have come a long way! Kiana now tolerates being held and sleeps well through the night. She loves going out and taking in the sights. We did the tourist thing and went to Tengwang Pavilion, August First Park, and shopping area.

-Amy & Kiana Lee

Whitney Visits Santa!

While picking out our Christmas tree earlier in the week, we had a visit with Santa! What a wonderful surprise to see Santa at the tree farm. Whitney is whispering her wish list: a toy shopping card and an apron! Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas :0).

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Go for Sam - Ted and Mira reporting from China!

It's Tuesday, November 2oth, 2007, Mira and her dad Ted left for China. She is going to write about her trip on her blog. In her first blog post, Mira wrote, "As my dad says, we are "go for Sam." We are on our way to China. I should have blog posts up on Thanksgiving day. Please visit then. I hope you enjoy the holiday. Click here to read their blog post from China.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Waiting Children from China

Gladney posts their waiting children from China at the below link. Check back periodically for updates. If you have interest in any of the children please contact for more information.

October Visit to Shanghai Children's Home a Big Success!

Superkids has just returned from a visit to the Shanghai Children's Home. Traveling were Dr. Eileen McAleer, a cardiologist, two pediatric physical therapists, Karen Teters and Pat Marcus, and founder, Janet Fink. The purpose of the trip was to continue training caregivers and volunteers in baby handling and therapeutic activities, deliver needed equipment, and to provide direct treatment to the children.

Superkids was thrilled that the caregivers and the large volunteer community had been following through with their picture directions to exercise infants. These directions were posted in the children's playrooms. They were able to revisit some of the children from their previous trip who were developmentally delayed and we could already see the progress due to the excellent follow through by the caregivers and volunteers.

Dr. MacAleer examined many children with cardiac conditions and many others with serious medical problems. Additionally she was able to help the therapists with medical consultations for the most serious cases. Through donations, they were able to provide a walker for a child with cerebral palsy and teach her how to walk. They were also able to provide a wheelchair for a child who could not sit up without the support of this wheelchair. Additionally, they taught a 7 year old girl with a severe skin disorder to feed herself and provided special coloring equipment so she could play. The therapists also saw many babies with minor medical conditions and developmental delay.

They provided fun therapeutic activities to decrease these delays. The therapists were able to directly treat over 25 children with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders. They were able to continue with training of the caregivers, rehabilitation staff and the volunteers in special handling and positioning for children with neurological disorders.

This coming spring, Superkids looks forward to expanding to a regular, non-special needs orphanage in another province. They also plan to return to the Shanghai Children's Home to continue their work.

To learn more about Superkids please visit their

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Superkids Wheelchair Project

Pictured are four orphan teens living at the Shanghai Children's Home in Shanghai, China. All have spinal cord injury and desperately need quality pediatric wheelchairs. Superkids has not found any wheelchair companies willing to donate or give discounts. Charities able to donate do not offer the appropriate type of chair. These teens are already starting to develop scoliosis and breathing problems because they are not in good chairs. A good, pediatric wheelchair costs approximately $3,000 (includes extra supports and shipping). If they can raise the money, Superkids founder, Janet Fink and head therapist, Pat Marcus, will go to the Shanghai Children's Home to make sure the chairs are fitted properly to these children. They will also teach the caregivers at the orphanage how to care for and repair the wheelchairs if needed.

Donations are tax deductible. Thank you for taking the time to read about these terrific teens.

The Nutcracker

An invitation from Agnes Horowitz, whose daughter, Maggie, was adopted from China.

Please Join Us
to cheer on
Maggie as Marie/Clara
in a lovely production of
The Nutcracker
presented by Valentina Kozlova's
Dance Conservatory of New York
* * * * * *
Saturday, December 15 at 4 and 8pm
Symphony Space
Broadway and 95th St.
Box Office: 212 864-1414

Bon jour Gladney Families,

This French Poodle, dubbed Fifi, is Lindy Li-Xiao Osborn from San Antonio, just shy of 2.5 years old at the time. Lindy had tons of fun this Halloween and didn't mind her costume (even though it was quite warm outside) because she knew the end result was CANDY. Maybe next year I'll remember it doesn't get very cold in south Texas!

Au revoir~
Fifi Osborn's mommy, Lisa

Snow White!

I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of Olivia (ChangDe, Hunan) dressed in her Snow White Halloween costume!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Trick-or-Treating Fun with Annick!

A picture of our daughter Annick (6, from Quzhou in the front) and Malia (5, local girl, with the white knitted top).

Fairy Princess

Here is a Halloween picture of Lena Stefan. She was dressed as a fairy, because her school teacher who organized this wanted to have non scary outfits.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jiangxi beauty

she's a jiangxi beauty, adopted 05/04. her name is anabelle stella-rong and she's 4 yrs old.

doting mom,
christine accetta

Minnie Mouse!

Here is little Meghan Stancliff as Ms. Minnie Mouse.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Halloween and Reunion Fun from the Weiniger Family!

Eliza Li and her family just celebrated the sixth anniversary of her arrival in the United States with three other families from their travel group. The view the very happy reunion, check out:

Introducing Snow White!

Mia, age 5 1/2 in her adorable Snow White costume!

Introducing Zachary, the Pumpkin!

Here is a picture of Zachary, who is almost 15 months now. He was a pumpkin, but his costume was made out of felt/fleece and it was hot in Texas on Halloween, so he didn't wear it for very long!

Re-Adoption Day for the Reeves' Family

I know you were asking for Halloween pics, but I wanted to send you our picture of re-adoption day from February. We adopted Hannah last year from Shanghai. She’s a wonderful little girl and is as happy as she appears in this picture.

Olivia, the Cutest Flower in the Pacific Northwest!

Here are a couple photos of the cutest flower garden in the Pacific Northwest! Olivia Breen, forever family on January 19, 2003……

Halloween Fun

Dear Gladney Families,

In case the wings do not give it away, Whitney was dressed up as a butterfly. However, she steadfastly refused to wear her butterfly hat :0). Whitney has already decided that she would like to dress up as a mermaid AND a princess next year! Perhaps watching Dora Saves the Mermaid influenced this big decision!

Beth Anne