Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!


"There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch."

-Robert Brault
American author

Monday, October 28, 2013

Waiting Children - Ready to be Adopted Now!

We have some incredible children who are available for immediate adoption by families who have their dossiers logged in with CCCWA.  Families matched with a child from this group, could bring that child home in a matter of months!  Pat Marcus, our volunteer Superkids physical therapist, is advocating for these children and has met some of this group. Please read about them and look at their cute little faces.  Each one special and amazing.  If you have any questions or would like to speak with Pat about the children in this group, Gladney's adoption partnerships, or the Superkids program, she can be reached at

Barrett is a two year old boy described by caregivers as "extroverted and brave".  He has a repaired cleft lip and unrepaired cleft palate.  He likes to try adventurous things--like kneeling on the jumpy horse.  His caregivers say he loves to play in the water from the tap.  He will turn on the faucet by himself and call other children to play in the water with him.
Ainsley is almost two and loves to wear her hair in ponytails and look pretty. She is affectionate and happy. Ainsley had surgery for Spina Bifida.  She is walking independently and has good motor skills.  She enjoys throwing balls and playing with toys.  She enjoys picture books.  She likes to get snacks before other children in her room and is affectionate with the caregivers.  She will imitate what the older children are doing when they play.  She is good at cleaning up when it’s time to put away the toys.  She has a big personality that fills the room.

Bo turned two in August.  He is described by his caregivers as quiet but playful.  He likes to tease the caregivers and make funny noises with his bottle.  Bo has a congenital heart defect.  He enjoys outside play and can walk with one hand held.  He likes to watch the butterflies flutter by.

Brandon turned three in August.  He is a happy playful boy. He had surgery for a congenital heart defect. He likes to play with his peers and his caregivers.  If you put on music, he will start to dance.  Brandon will sing when he is happy.  He follows the directions of the caregivers and sometimes will lean over and give his friend a kiss on the cheek.
Abby turned three in August.  She is living in foster care.  She has a repaired cleft lip and unrepaired cleft palate.  She is a very pretty girl.  She helps the foster mom with chores at home.  She loves to pose for pictures and is a sweet girl.  Abby is playful and loves to imitate.  She can give you high five. Her favorite toy is a stuffed panda bear. She really likes to ride on the rocking horse too.

Bella turned two in March.  She is described by her caregivers as a " quiet and shy girl".  She has a repaired cleft lip and unrepaired cleft palate.  She is affectionate and seeks praise from her caregiver.  She will run to the caregivers and hug them.  Bella really likes to turn the pages in the picture books.
These children are ready to be matched with their forever family today!  You must have your dossier logged in with CCCWA in order to be matched with any of these children.  For more information about any of these beautiful children, please contact  Pat Marcus at

Friday, October 11, 2013

CCCWA Visits the US!

Enjoying a delicious lunch!

During the last weekend of September, Gladney's New York office was able to host the CCCWA! The CCCWA travelled all the way from China to the United States for a training trip. This group included Director General Zhang, as well as delegation members from Beijing, Sichuan, Jianxi, Guangdong & Shandong provinces. Their trip included meetings, shopping, dinner, and a luncheon. The luncheon was a great opportunity for the CCCWA to get to see children that were adopted from China with their forever families. The sunny day was filled with love and happiness as Gladney families and friends were brought together.

Special thanks to Christine and Kyle Groff and their daughters, Kylene, Maelani, Giselle and Lilah for hosting the amazing luncheon!

CCCWA picnic1 CCCWA picnic2

I'm Waiting

To love someone that you have yet to meet is an incredible thing.

When you’ve met a child, seen their smile, heard their stories, and watched them play, love comes easy. This summer, Gladney volunteers met many of the children being featured on and the volunteers fell in love. Since then, these advocates have been telling hundreds of stories that help give life to the photos of these waiting children.

But this week on “I’m waiting” we want to highlight the children who don’t have advocates telling adorable anecdotes about them—children who just have one story to tell.

“We need homes.”

Are you willing to come forward with love that matches the very spirit of adoption and chose to love a child you’ve never met? If so, please inquire for more information on Brian, Brandon, Bo, Bella, and Barrett at or contact Lindsay Miller at

***Please note, adoptive families must have a current I-800A Approval in order to be matched with these children.