Thursday, June 27, 2013

Connect with Gladney families through Facebook!

Did you know that families who have adopted through Gladney's Guang Ming (Asia Waiting Child) programs have a place to connect with each other on Facebook?  The group was created by a Gladney Mom who was looking for a place to find encouragement and support with other Gladney parents. The Guang Ming Facebook group has been a great way for families to ask each other questions, connect with families in their area and find out about Gladney events in a positive atmosphere!  
Search Gladney's GuangMing Families on Facebook to join the group.  

Please note, due to the nature of the group and the desire among parents for a certain level of privacy when sharing about their children, the group is available only for Gladney families.

Friday, June 21, 2013

"Wasn't it yesterday when they were small?"

           - Golde, Fiddler on the Roof

From Father
dance to...
Junior Prom
As our June newsletter came together and various graduation pictures were gathered, I was reminded again and again that our children are becoming young adults. As parents, we watch in amazement as each child grows into his or her own personality, and develops the skills that will take them wherever they choose to go. Of course, this growth does not always unfold easily or gracefully, with many battles and sleepless nights along the way - naturally, the reason behind the sleep deprivation changes throughout our kids' stages as well!  Investing in the life of a child - any child, whether age 2 or 20; girl or boy - is a gift that we give to the world. We pay it forward to the next generation for all the gifts we were given as children that have developed into the strengths that we have today.

I often remember what one prospective adoptive father once told me, "I would like to give to my adopted child the gift of a family that they can take for granted".

May we all play a part in bringing that gift to the world's children!
- Wendy  Stanley  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

JCICS Conference

 Frank Garrott answering questions after his speech

As always, Joint Council's 37th Annual Child Welfare Symposium was a great time of connecting with other adoption professionals and participating in educational sessions.  The speakers were thought-provoking and engaging and I came away from the sessions feeling like I had learned something important.

Martha Osborne
For me, the highlight of the conference was hearing Martha Osborne speak about the advocacy she does for children through her website, Martha is very likely the most well-known advocate for children with special needs who are waiting to be adopted.  I was blown away by how long she has carried this passion and what she has done to help children find families! Martha is committed to working with agencies to advocate for these special children and I am excited for Gladney and Rainbow Kids to continue to partner together to become a bigger voice for children who desperately need forever families!                                                                              
- April Uduhiri

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CCCWA's Database Updated

CCCWA just completed the update of their online database system.  This database houses the "shared list", along with information about matched families' cases.  At the Joint Council conference, we had a chance to get a sneak peek at the new system.  The upgraded database looks similar to the former system, but it appears more organized and seems to have more features which should be an improvement for the China program.
In order to facilitate this process, CCCWA shut down the old database on Friday, May 24th and the new system was up and running as of June 1st. We are excited to be using this new and improved system!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Recently in China Adoption News

  • CCCWA has matched families with LIDs through October 26, 2006.
  • CCCWA has reviewed dossiers with LIDs through October 31, 2012.
  • CCCWA has issued referrals for one Gladney family in May!
  • CCCWA has issued 2 Travel Approvals for Gladney families in May! 

Welcome home to the FIVE families who traveled last month to pick up their children!
Mia with Mama and Baba Johnson
Mimzie and Craig welcome Elaina into their family!
The newest member of the Locklear family, Olivia!
The Record family is all smiles with new daughter Elin!
Big sister Delany and big brother Ronan wecomed home Keegan who was adopted through Gladney's China standard program.