Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gladney Center is Partnered with Shanghai Children's Home for Adoptive Child Placements

The Shanghai Children's Home (SCH) is a well-regarded child welfare institution. Various diplomats and their spouses have been invited to SCH to learn about institutional care settings in China. SCH is a well-staffed campus that delivers comprehensive care, medical services and education to children of all ages.

Gladney's partnership with SCH was formalized earlier this year and has been approved by the Shanghai Social Welfare Center, Shanghai's Children's Adoption Center, and the China Centre for Children's Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA - previously known as CCAA). Gladney's partnership with SCH follows upon a 15 year history of close relations. Gongzhan Wu, VP & Managing Director, was born and raised in Shanghai. Gladney's first China adoptions were children placed from SCH. Gongzhan travels to China several times each year and almost each trip includes a visit to the Shanghai Children's Home.

Please join us tonight, 8pm EST, to learn more about Gladney's partnership with Shanghai Children's Home and the children who are currently available to be adopted. Register here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Special Gladney Webinar - China Waiting Child Adoption Program & March 2011 Superkids Trip to Shanghai Children's Home

Please join us for this special webinar featuring two child development therapists who recently visited the Shanghai Children's Home for a one-week trip to train orphanage staff and meet some of the children available for adoption through Gladney's Waiting Child Program. This webinar will be a wonderful first-hand account by Pat Marcus who is an occupational therapist, and Kathy deMaCarty who is a speech therapist, about all they did during the course of this important trip sponsored by Gladney's Superkids Charity.

The webinar will be held on Thursday, March 24th at 8pm EST. Space is limited so be sure to register today!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Proper Nutrition: The Key to Your Child's Success

Please join The Nutrition Twins as they share secrets that will help you to enhance your child’s life. The Twins will discuss the importance of proper nutrition and how it will affect every aspect of your child’s well-being. By providing the right foods, you can help him or her to flourish. You’ll be encouraged as you learn that by helping your children to choose the best foods and nutrients in specific combinations, your child’s growth and development will be optimized and your child’s focus, performance and behavior will greatly improve. That’s right, by providing your child with the right nutrients you can assist him or her in receiving high grades, becoming a better athlete, playing better with others and preventing tantrums!

The sisters will also share practical tips and simple changes that you can make in your family’s diet that will enrich the quality of all of your lives. You will feel empowered as you realize that a few simple dietary changes can have a great impact on your child’s life.

Brought to you by Gladney Center for Adoption - Pathways Training.

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