Friday, May 06, 2011

China Monthly Update - May 2011

Referral and Program Update:
The CCCWA has issued referrals through 6/20/06 and Dossiers have been reviewed through 9/30/10.

Last week we had 2 families in our Waiting Child Program receive their Letter Seeking Confirmation. Congratulations to those families! Our next LID for our standard program is 6/28/06. We have 6 families with referrals who are waiting for their Travel Approvals to be issued. Once each family's Travel Approval is issued they will begin working with Gladney toward their individual travel plans for a 2 week stay in China. Some of the families may be able to join up for the final week in Guangzhou, depending on when Travel Approvals are all received!

Gongzhan Wu, VP and Managing Director, is currently in Asia and is planning to visit the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. He will also be visiting Taiwan. Later this month our Asia program caseworker and Taiwan program coordinator, Lindsay Hatcher, will join Gongzhan to visit orphanages and local adoption officials in both China and Taiwan.

Have you considered adopting a boy?

Most (but not all!) children adopted through the "standard" China program are little girls - but did you know that there are many little boys with mild to moderate special needs available for adoption from China? On the shared database there are currently 1110 profiles of boys (as compared to 416 girl profiles).

Love Without Boundaries has compiled a brief video that captures the joy of little boys - and reminds us that these little guys need to grow up in homes with Moms and Dads to hug and chase them! Boys available for adoption are all ages! 1-3 years old; 4-7 years old; and 8+. If you can imagine these little guys growing up through these stages and want to be a home and family for a waiting child who happens to be a boy - please let us know!

To review and consider adoption profiles of boys available through Gladney's Waiting Child Program (shared database as well as designated profiles), please let your caseworker know! Our next Waiting Child Webinar on May 11th at 1pm EST will highlight boys available for adoption. Be sure to register today!