Monday, November 25, 2013

Gladney Staff Celebrates Boys

"I am in love with my little boy, Toby! As a brand new mom I can't get enough of my baby boy's snuggles, squeaks and funny faces. I am getting to know his sweet personality more and more each day and watching him grow and learn is such a joy. I am already imagining the future with our little guy as he grows up - I hope he loves soccer as much as his daddy! Life has changed so much, but I can't imagine our family without our cuddly, beautiful boy!"     
 -April Uduhiri, Asia Programs Caseworker   


"One of the most important "boys" in my life is my big brother Jym. Jym is three years older than me and my only older sibling. While he picked on me relentlessly at times growing up (and sometimes still does), I'm pretty grateful that I grew up with a big brother. I knew, and still know, that he would always have my back. I've always felt proud being able to tell people that Jym is my brother. I learned so much from Jym - how to be an individual, how to stand up for myself, and how to be a genuinely good person. I love my sisters too, but there's something special about having a big brother!"
-Mary Chapman, Asia Programs Caseworker



Thursday, November 21, 2013

Heritage Tours Information

China Heritage Tours- Adoption Paper Required for Travel

Gladney China Heritage Tours specializes in creating customized heritage tours for individual families or groups of families regardless of the agency they used for their adoption. A customized tour allows the traveler to decide on the time they want to travel, where they want to travel and what they want to see and do in each area. Even if you are thinking of traveling next year, it is not too early to start planning. Click here for the Planning section of our website
Whether you are thinking of taking a Heritage Tour within the next year or ten years from now, it is important to know that a number of the documents received during your adoption are required for your return trip. The documents needed to book the in-China travel, visit a Social Welfare Institute and compile a visa application packet include:
  • a current passport, valid for 6 months past the intended return date
  • passports with old visas to China (e.g. from adoption trip)
  • adopted child's Chinese Passport
  • adoption certificate with name change (if name change not shown, a legal document with name change must be included)
  • abandonment certificate
  • birth certificate or certificate of birth data
  • international flight itineraries (for airport pick up and drop off)
IMPORTANT TIP: If you are just returning home from your adoption trip to China, please photocopy these documents and send to Gladney for inclusion in your paper file. Then place the originals in a very safe place such as your bank safe deposit box.
If you have any questions about the planning process or the required documents listed above, please visit our website or contact Gongzhan Wu at or Lydia Macci at

Monday, November 18, 2013


30 Boys in 30 Days Campaign
Each week Gladney Staff gets together for our Waiting Child Staffing Meeting.  This is probably our most important meeting of the week.  It is at these meetings that we get to step away from our computers and phones and bring our staff together to give our attention to the Waiting Children.  We know we owe it to these kids to give them the attention they deserve without the distractions of other obligations and To-Do lists.  Each meeting comes to life in its own way - with good news about recent matches, stories from our staff about families who have recently arrived home, and brainstorming to find new ways to advocate for some of the children who have not yet been matched with a family. Since November is Adoption Awareness Month - we really wanted to focus hard on helping some of our children find a family.  As our meeting progressed, we all knew what we wanted to do - put our extra efforts and attentions this month toward the many boys who need a family, thus was born our 30 Boys in 30 Days Campaign.
In a family these boys can do anything -- learn about volcanoes, trains, go camping, do rainbow loom(!), dress up as a power rangers for Halloween, and, of course, get into their fair share of mischief - as all healthy and happy boys (and girls) do from time to time!
During the month of November we will feature a unique child, who happens to be a boy, on our Asia Waiting Child Blog.  Please visit often and send your best wishes and prayers throughout the month to help each little guy find his family.  Many of these boys were seen by our Superkids Team this summer in China -- Stories can be found on the Superkids Blog.
Featured Today, Day 5 - Addison

Friday, November 15, 2013

China Update

Recently in China adoption news:
  • CCCWA has matched families with LIDs through November 10th, 2006.
  • CCCWA has issued 7 referrals for Gladney families since August!
  • CCCWA has has issued 4 Travel Approvals for Gladney families in September and October!
Welcome home to Kenneth and Michelle Tepper who traveled in October to pick up their daughter! 
Yi Ping Na (Melanie) age 3! Now living in Baltimore, MD!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Boys Rock!

Boys Rock all the time- just in different ways at different stages! Of all the themes we could choose this month to celebrate adoption- this is what we have decided to celebrate- Simply, that BOYS ROCK!! Why this theme? Because it is both sad and hard to believe that simply being born a boy, is one of the reasons that a child may become part of a Waiting Child program or be designated as "special needs". So please check daily during the month of November, and help us bring these boys to their families!