Thursday, November 21, 2013

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China Heritage Tours- Adoption Paper Required for Travel

Gladney China Heritage Tours specializes in creating customized heritage tours for individual families or groups of families regardless of the agency they used for their adoption. A customized tour allows the traveler to decide on the time they want to travel, where they want to travel and what they want to see and do in each area. Even if you are thinking of traveling next year, it is not too early to start planning. Click here for the Planning section of our website
Whether you are thinking of taking a Heritage Tour within the next year or ten years from now, it is important to know that a number of the documents received during your adoption are required for your return trip. The documents needed to book the in-China travel, visit a Social Welfare Institute and compile a visa application packet include:
  • a current passport, valid for 6 months past the intended return date
  • passports with old visas to China (e.g. from adoption trip)
  • adopted child's Chinese Passport
  • adoption certificate with name change (if name change not shown, a legal document with name change must be included)
  • abandonment certificate
  • birth certificate or certificate of birth data
  • international flight itineraries (for airport pick up and drop off)
IMPORTANT TIP: If you are just returning home from your adoption trip to China, please photocopy these documents and send to Gladney for inclusion in your paper file. Then place the originals in a very safe place such as your bank safe deposit box.
If you have any questions about the planning process or the required documents listed above, please visit our website or contact Gongzhan Wu at or Lydia Macci at

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