Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm Waiting

To love someone that you have yet to meet is an incredible thing.

When you’ve met a child, seen their smile, heard their stories, and watched them play, love comes easy. This summer, Gladney volunteers met many of the children being featured on and the volunteers fell in love. Since then, these advocates have been telling hundreds of stories that help give life to the photos of these waiting children.

But this week on “I’m waiting” we want to highlight the children who don’t have advocates telling adorable anecdotes about them—children who just have one story to tell.

“We need homes.”

Are you willing to come forward with love that matches the very spirit of adoption and chose to love a child you’ve never met? If so, please inquire for more information on Brian, Brandon, Bo, Bella, and Barrett at or contact Lindsay Miller at

***Please note, adoptive families must have a current I-800A Approval in order to be matched with these children.


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