Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Story of the Red Thread (2) - They have their heads shaved, because ...

By Patrick Gunn

Last weekend, it was a messy, frayed rag of string. If a thread can be thread bare, this one was. On Sunday, it broke off in the shower and I feared it might wash down the drain or dissolve in a puddle of water. So, with the help of my three-year-old son Declan, I did surgery to repair what was left of my bracelet, weaving it into a stronger thread. At the same time, we made a bracelet for him. A year earlier we thought he was too young to wear something like that all the time. Now, he's soproud to wear a red thread to remind him of "Mei-mei" (his littlesister). The very next day, we got the call that our referral had come in. There's a beautiful baby girl waiting for us in Guangxi province. This is what my red thread has been leading me to the whole time.Suddenly, there's lots to keep us connected to the adoption process again. But I'm glad that I strengthened the bracelet just in time. There are a hard few weeks to get through yet. And I want it to be indecent condition when I give it to my daughter. By the way, Declan and I have found another way to connect to our little girl. In her referral photos, her head is shaved. So he and I went home that evening and shaved our heads as well.

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