Friday, November 17, 2006

Ming Lu's Trip to Beijing!

Dear Gongzhan,

Ming Lu and I really enjoyed our evening at the office warming party last night. She could not fall asleep, she was sooo excited!! I wanted to share a mini "photo album" of our recent trip toBeijing. Ming Lu had a wonderful time in Beijing. Her favorite places were Purple Bamboo park, the zoo and the Great Wall. She also loved having jiaozi, jiam bing and cha dan. She traveled very well and we are so proud of her. Beijing has changed, the traffic was bad. The air was questionable on most days. It is becoming more and more cosmopolitan...which loosely translates to $$$$$$. Many of my favorite places were gone, being renovated or being torn down to make way for the new improved version. I am glad I've had the opportunity to see it before too much has changed. We hope to see you soon. ---- Erin

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