Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bringing Siena JieXian Home

An excerpt from the Riley's blog as they are traveling......
Gotcha Day
I really don't think anything could have gone better. We arrived at Civil Affairs before Siena did. When they walked in, I knew it was her. She looked up at us from another room across the hall, and smiled. I waved and she waved back. A few minutes later they walked over. She seemed a little nervous, but was still smiling. Ms. Zuang told her who we were and gently nudged her over to us. We gave her some presents, which she opened with Ms. Zuuang's help. She seemed to really like the purse and play make-up. Ms. Zuang kept talking to her the whole time, and she kept smiling. When she came over to us, she started pulling something out of her backpack. It was the little photo album I had sent her of us and our home. She pointed to the pictures and us smiling. When Ms. Zuang told her she needed to leave with us, I could tell she was a little nervous, but she took our hands and came along. Erminia

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