Sunday, December 02, 2007

Eliza Li Weiniger Wins School Wide Essay Contest!

Eliza Li Weiniger, Age 7, Adopted From Lodi,China
Eliza won a school wide essay contest at Jefferson Elementary School in Westfield NJ. The topic of the essay contest was:
If I could go anywhere on Earth I would go to ________.
There were many entries and one winner per grade. Eliza won the contest for the first graders.

Here is a transcript of the winning essay:
Eliza Li Weiniger
1st Grade-Mrs. Arkin's Class

If I could go anywhere on Earth, I would go to China because I was born there. I want to see the sites.
I want to see the houses and the buildings. I may see a school there.
The Olympic games are going to be in China next year, 2008.

I want to learn how they speak their language. My mom and dad went to China to adopt me. They thought it was beautiful.

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