Monday, March 17, 2008

Superkids Update

Superkids in Hunan

Emergency Aid
February 2008; CHINA’S WORST WINTER IN 50 YEARS, Snow and power outages hit many parts of the country. The snow quickly downed power lines and left many rural parts of southern China without electricity for weeks. Thanks to generous donations from Gladney families, Superkids was able to provide over $12,000 of emergency aid. Specifically, the Yueyang City Social Welfare Institute received 4 heaters and colorful soft mats to warm up the children's play room, the Xiangyin County Social Welfare Institute received heaters, baby formula, clothes, and diapers, the Lingxiang County Social Welfare Institute received financial supplement for the expenses to repair damage caused by the snow storm, and the Shaoyang County Social Welfare Institute received a power converter and accessories.
Other Projects
Superkids had the privilege to visit the Yueyang and ZhuZhou Social Welfare Institutes in Hunan. Traveling were founder and Gladney mom, Janet Fink, Cardiologist and Gladney waiting parent, Dr. Eileen McAleer, speech pathologist, Kathy DeMaCarty, and Gladney China and Vietnam program director, Gongzhan Wu. The Superkids team successfully set the foundation for caregiver training for young children and skills training and employment programs for the older children.

Superkids in Shanghai

Superkids continued caregiver training and medical evaluations at the Shanghai Children’s Home. Speech pathologist, Kathy DeMaCarty, taught several classes and conducted workshops in oral motor therapy and feeding problems. Dr. Eileen McAleer examined more children with heart problems and is consulting with physicians in the U.S. to develop treatment plans for them.

Superkids is excited to have Duke University student, Samir Derisavifard, intern at the Shanghai Children’s Home for 10 weeks. During his internship, Samir will provide therapeutic play for children of all ages.

THANK YOU to all who have made it possible for Superkids to help orphans in need. Please continue to check our website for updates about new, exciting programs.

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