Thursday, August 07, 2008

Andy revisits Zhangjiajie SWI

Chinese way of Greeting - Red Banner "Welcome Home"

American Way of Greeting - Andy hugging Director

Reunion after 13 years - Andy meeting his little friends

Shanghai - Wednesday
By Andy

Today we went (on a 2-hour drive) to the orphanage where I got to meet the same Director who was there 13 years ago when I was there, and she remembered me! We had lunch with her and I thought everyone was really nice. They had a really nice banner that said "Welcome Zhang Nan to the Parents Home" (Zhang Nan was my Chinese name). I had my picture taken with 4 other children that were also there in 1995.

The Director gave me a jade pig necklace since I was born in the Year of the Pig, and 2 Olympic pens. I brought her a suitcase of baby clothes (from Jennifer & Anna Marie) and a package of diapers. We also gave her a photo album of pictures of me from over the past 13 years. The Assistant Director rode with us to see the town of Zhang Jia Gang and then we went to Nan Feng Zhen which is the actual town (village) that I'm from. He showed us the "finding place" which was a small road that doesn't even have a name. I didn't' think that much about it at the time (I was tired & just woke up from a nap in the car) but now I'm glad we saw it. It was pretty neat.

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