Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Debbie and Robin's Adoption Journey!

We were first contacted about adopting our daughter, Hannah, the day after we submitted our initial application to Gladney. Gladney knew of a little 4 year old girl with hand/feet deformities listed as “older child in waiting; special needs.” Being a nurse, would I consider adopting her? In my total naivety to adoption, I explained that my husband and I would let Gladney know our answer in the next month if she was not adopted. The last words I heard from the caseworker were “she won’t be adopted.” The next day I called Gladney and asked for the little girl's picture. Ten months and a lot of prayer later we were holding our beautiful little girl in our arms; the same beautiful little girl listed as “special needs.” From the moment we met her, we knew that Hannah belonged with us, and we belonged to her. We’ve never looked back because that little girl was the perfect child for us. Now three years later, Hannah is thriving and enjoying the first grade. She required two corrective surgeries after we returned home but recovered well. Hannah is bright and enjoys interacting with others. Her favorite activities include reading books, playing chase, and swimming.

A year after we returned home with Hannah, we were ready to start “the paper chase” again. Gladney contacted us about our son, Caleb, soon after we submitted our second application. This time the agency told us about a 2 year old little boy with an unknown congenital heart defect which had been surgically repaired in China. My husband and I were ecstatic about the prospect of adopting a little boy. Could we really be lucky enough to be matched with a second child that we felt was just perfect for us again? The paperwork with the CCAA took a bit longer with Caleb’s adoption, but, when we finally traveled this past June to be united with our son, we soon discovered that the answer to our question was a resounding “YES” !!!

Caleb really just seemed to go with the flow from the moment we met him and he tucked and rolled like a trooper during our travels in China, blending right in with our little family. In terms of his follow up medical care, Caleb simply needs to have yearly exams by a pediatric cardiologist. Both Hannah and Caleb were slightly iron deficient when we first adopted them; but both recovered with diets rich in iron. Like his big sister, Caleb is bright and inquisitive. He really enjoys interacting with others. Caleb is now attending a really great Pre-K program. He loves to chase Hannah, play with building blocks; and swim.

Now, it is as though we can’t remember being without either child. It turns out both have always been in our hearts.

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