Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Spring!!!

Spring weather has arrived, at least for now, in NYC, and so we leave winter and move onto the new season! Kathryn, Sarah and their big brother James posed this morning in their St. Patrick's Day attire. (I do have a little bit of Irish blood in me!).

Three years ago today, Chris and I were celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Shanghai, prior to traveling to Guangzhou to pick up Sarah, who was adopted through the SN program. If you click on the March 2007 archives on this blog, you can read all about our trip to get her. We are very excited that Gladney's SN program has grown so much since then! If anyone has any questions about our experiences adopting twice through the SN program, please feel free to email me at

Today, all three kids are enjoying school and extracurricular activities. They are all signed up for baseball this spring, and are looking forward to it!

We hope that spring brings the forming of new families to many, and the renewal of hope for those who still wait.

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