Friday, October 15, 2010

China Program Monthly Update

Referral Update:
The CCAA has issued referrals to families with Log In Dates through 5/18/06. As we reported last week, in this last batch of referrals Gladney had 3 families receive referrals. Congratulations to these families who are all coming into the office today for their travel meeting!

The CCAA has reviewed dossiers through 11/30/09.

We currently have two families traveling in China who will be returning home to NY and FL soon. Welcome home to these families!

CCAA Delegation Visit:
A delegation of about 20 officials from CCAA and various provinces, including CCAA's Director General, visited the US in September for an educational training trip. The delegation visited NY where Gladney hosted a Mid-Autumn Festival NYC Harbor Cruise for adoptive families. About 400 people joined for this event!! The delegation reported that it was a unique experience for them to see so many families in one setting - with each family enjoying themselves in a casual and interactive setting. Many of the officials were able to meet children from their provinces.

Gladney Asia staff with CCAA Director General Zhang and several officials.

Director General Zhang and delegates meet families.

Lanterns made by the children attending the event decorated the boat.

Adoption Awareness Month:
November is Adoption Awareness Month and there will be numerous events throughout the country for adoptive families to attend. A list of events by state can be found on Adoptive Families Magazine's website.

In New York, the Adoptive Parents Committee (APC) will be holding their 30th Annual Adoption Conference on November 21st at St. Francis College in Brooklyn. Gladney will have a table at the event and several of our staff will present on a few of the panel discussions throughout the day. This year's keynote speaker will be Dr. Jane Aronson - a speaker you won't want to miss! Please visit APC's website for more information about the conference.

In New Jersey the 29th Annual Let's Talk Adoption Conference will be held on November 6th at Rutgers University. There will be breakout sessions and panels throughout the day for parents to attend. For more information on the conference please visit the official website.
In Dallas on November 13th the local chapter of Families with Children from China (FCC) will hold their Annual Culture Day to celebrate Chinese culture. Visit FCC's website for more information.

Waiting Child Update:
We are working with several families who are open to adopting Waiting Children. As of this update we have 8 families who are matched with children who have special needs. Several of these families will travel by the end of the year to bring their children home.

We are excited to announce that we will be holding a Webinar on Asia Waiting Children on November 10th from 1-2pm EST. As the date for the webinar draws closer we will send out more information about attending. For questions about Waiting Children please contact April Lerch at or 212-868-3434.
Next month will be the first issue of Gladney's Waiting Child Newsletter. This newsletter will share information about children with medical needs and older children who are available for adoption through Gladney's International Waiting Child programs.

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