Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello from China!

Last week Sara, a Gladney mom from Florida, met her daughter for the first time. They were matched through the Waiting Child program. It is wonderful to hear from them!

Ni hao from China!!! Mia's gotcha day was 11/8/10 and her adoption was finalized in terms of the Chinese government on 11/9/10, which for me, was the most unforgetable birthday that I have ever had or will ever have. Mia is more unbelievable than imaginable - she is beautiful and funny, and the most loving and lovable creature in the world. She is very, very small, but she gets stronger by the day and the only time that we have seen her mood sour is if she is hungry - she eats like a horse. Today, she turned over by herself for the first time, and she is working on pulling herself up, and she loves to practice walking when I am holding her hands to steady her. To me, she could not be more perfect!

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