Tuesday, April 26, 2011

China Program - News for this Week

China Waiting Child Program:

Today we have just posted three new children available for adoption to our photolist page on our Asia Waiting Child blog! The children are all in the Shanghai Children's Home. If you have not yet visited our photolist page and are in need of the password, please email mary.chapman@gladney.org.

Taiwan Infant/Toddler Program:
Gladney Center's program with New Hope Social Welfare Foundation in Taiwan offers parents the opportunity to adopt a Chinese child who is healthy or who may have minor medical needs. To learn about program requirements click here.

Gladney Center will be hosting a webinar on May 2nd at 7:30pm EST and again on May 11th at 2pm EST to provide an overview of the process of adopting a baby through our New Hope program. Click here to register for the May 2nd webinar and click here to register for the May 11th webinar.

Some families have asked whether they can enter the New Hope Taiwan program while keeping their dossier in the China program. For some families, especially families in the 'standard' China program who have extended waits to be matched, this is a possibility that can be discussed based on a family's individual circumstances.

March 2011 CCCWA Guidelines:
If you are in Gladney Center's China program, your caseworker will be in contact with you within the next 1-2 weeks to go over some of the changes the CCCWA has made to the post-adoption reporting requirements.

There have also been some changes made to the home study process that will apply to certain families who will be filing their dossiers beginning this fall. If your dossier has already been filed with the CCCWA, the home study changes do not affect your adoption. Your caseworker will also be able to answer any other questions you may have about the program.

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