Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Celebrating the Gift of Giving in Non Material Ways

At this time of year, when gift giving is at the forefront of our thoughts, an increasing number of charitable minded people choose alternatives to traditional material gifts. Teaching children that there are options to material gifts can be a rewarding and eye opening opportunity. The gift of time in the form of service to others can be a heartwarming experience. Gathering items for orphanages and foundations in Asia or raising money so essential items can be purchased are examples of service projects that benefit others in a meaningful way.

Another option to traditional gift giving involves a donation made in someone else's honor. In lieu of giving a traditional gift, a monetary contribution is made, usually to a not-for-profit organization that has significant meaning to the person being honored. For Gladney adoptees, a contribution can be made to one of the many wonderful programs that help children in their birth country (click here).

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