Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How does the child referral process happen in the New Hope Program?

In the Taiwan program there are several ways that a child can be referred. The actual referral process that you experience will depend on which program you are in. In this newsletter we will explain the process for the New Hope program. For families in the New Hope Program, in most instances, your caseworker will call you with the unexpected and welcome news that that you have been chosen by the child's birthmother! We will then forward you the child's full medical and social profile along with pictures and video. In some cases in the New Hope program, Gladney will be asked to propose prospective couples to be considered by a birthmother. This usually happens when a baby has a health concern or if there is social background information that might warrant additional consideration by adoptive parents. When New Hope asks Gladney to propose families for consideration we will either send out an email to families in the Taiwan program, or specifically call individual families who we think would be interested in reviewing the baby's profile. After families have had a chance to review the baby's full profile information, they will then decide whether they would like to be considered by the birthmother for possible placement. When a decision has been made for the child, we are then able to notify the parents if they have been selected or if another family has been chosen.

In the next newsletter we will highlight how the referral process takes place through the Chung Yi and Cathwel Programs.

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