Friday, September 21, 2012

Asia Waiting Child Face Book Parent Group

My name is Juliette Howard, and I am an adoptive mom getting ready to go to China to adopt our son, Zhao Chen Pin, 7, who was on Gladney's Waiting Child list. I really want to connect with other Gladney families, so I recently opened up a Face Book group called "Gladney's Guang Ming Families" as a means to reach out to other Gladney families who are adopting or have adopted through the Asia Waiting Child Program. I wanted to create this group specifically for Gladney families so we could talk about the Gladney process from beginning the paperwork chase to Forever Family Day. I think we could use this group to meet many needs of adoptive families who may just want a tight group to help answer questions from deciding to adopt a special needs or older child, as well as support while in China and when we get home.
Pat Marcus
Pat Marcus, who meets the Guang Ming children in China, is also an active member of this group. She has traveled over to China many times and is willing to share her experiences and answer any question she can. She is also a wonderful source of support. Please check us out on Face Book and come join!

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