Monday, December 10, 2012

Guang Ming Quilt

Quilt-making is an age-old craft with a long tradition steeped in family and comfort, treasures that are often passed down through generations. The time that is lovingly invested into hand stitching a quilt is always a meaningful gift to show a loved one how special they are. Quilts are also symbolic of family togetherness and special occasions. As we looked back on a memorable year of building families through Gladney's Asia programs, we thought a quilt would be a memorable and personal way to celebrate the long history of China adoptions and celebrate the wonderful children that are finding their forever families through the Asia Waiting Child programs!
As our quilt idea developed, we decided to create two quilts: The China Tribute quilt, intended to be a gift to CCCWA to show our appreciation for their dedication to doing "Everything for Children" and The Commemorative quilt, dedicated to the children who continue to wait for their forever families which will be displayed in the adoption museum in Gladney's Texas office.
Naturally, we wanted to involve our precious children, so during several Gladney events we have provided fabric and markers for children to decorate individual squares which can then be stitched together. Pat Marcus, Superkids volunteer and child advocate, is generously providing her creative services to compile the squares into quilts. Pat already has several squares from children from the local FCC (Families with Children from China) chapter, as well as squares that were created during our Harbor Cruise this past October. We invite all China families to participate in this activity and will make quilting packages available that can be mailed out with supplies to complete a square. Please contact Mary Chapman at for more information.

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