Monday, December 11, 2006

Kathryn's First Holiday Season!

We were not sure how Kathryn would react to the hustle, bustle and crowds of the holiday season. Her big brother, James, was sometimes put off by all the excitement when he was her age. But so far Kathryn LOVES it! When she sees the lights everywhere, she says "On"! In fact, when she sees our tree and the lights are off, she says "On!" :-). She also says "Pretty" when she sees the decorations. And, our little fashion plate loves all of her holiday dresses.

Yesterday we made the pilgrimage to see Santa at Macy's. Again, we were worried it might all be too much for her. But she was a brave little trooper! She loved the Santaland display, and when she first saw the Big Guy, she wanted to go right in to him. Of course when the moment actually came she got a little hesitant! But no tears, thank goodness!:-).

The pictures show Kathryn with her new Christmas stocking (she calls the reindeer a "woof-woof" because she thinks it's a dog!); Kathryn intently examining her Advent Calendar; with Mama moments before meeting Santa at Macy's Santaland; crashing in the stroller after meeting the big guy; and big brother James crashing at home by the tree!

Kathryn's holiday season will culminate with her 2nd birthday on New Year's Day!!!

Happy Holidays!

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