Friday, December 08, 2006

Whitney's First Big Trip Since Coming Home!

My husband, Jeff, had a business trip to London last week and we decided to tag along. We scrambled to get Whitney a US Passport and supplied every document possibly required. The process was quite easy and Whitney can now travel anywhere in the world. The flights were so short compared to China and Whitney slept almost the entire time! She was an absolute trooper and adjusted remarkably well to the time change, long walks around London, many meals in restaurants...However, Whitney did not care for the guards in front of Buckingham Palace. Note the look of pure terror on her sweet face. We even made it to Harrods for the requisite Santa picture! Next month, we are off to Telluride for some skiing and then back to Europe in the summer. Whitney will be a very experienced traveler by the time we all return to China to pick up her sister!

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