Sunday, April 06, 2008

She is full of laughs!

Hello All,

So we arrived in Guangzhou safety, Ann was great on the flight except at landing her ears must have been hurting her. We are staying at the White Swan which is really nice and the area is great. There is so many families here that are adopting. We have our US Immigration interview on Monday and get our visa on Tuesday afternoon. The swearing in is at 2:45 pm and then we leave for Binging, and return back home Wednesday.

We cannot believe the time is nearly up, it has gone so quickly its been quite an eventful week. But we are truly looking forward to getting home, its difficult living out of a suit case and staying in a hotel room. We cannot believe the changes in Ann in the last few days, she is so full of laughs and just loves the camera. Dimi and her had great fun today in the play room while I filled out the paperwork for Monday. She loves the computer so needless to say she is helping me write this email, she is sitting in my knee helping we write this.

Anyways got to go and get dinner. We have to have early dinner so Ann can get to bed on time, we feel like we are going for the early bird specials :))) Talk to you all soon Enjoy the pictures.

Mary, Dimi and Ann

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