Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Springtime At Kathryn and Sarah's

We are having quite a busy spring in our family! Within a month we celebrated Easter, Stephanie went to a week-long conference in Minneapolis, and we moved to a new apartment in Brooklyn. The kids handled the move very well and we are proud of them.

James continues to do very well in school and enjoy his afterschool program,Saturday German school, playdates with friends, and other activities. Kathryn and Sarah will start a three morning a week program in the fall. The sisters continue to be inseparable and we marvel at the strength of the bond between them. They love James very much and he is a great big brother!

I'm attaching a few pics from the last month or so. Happy Spring everyone!

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Uncle Alex said...

More beautiful children you'll never see...never! Such shayna punims, oy! I could plotz!