Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Gladney's Earthquake Relief Operation

A truckful load of donated medicines, veggie and fruit juices, etc. are being unloaded.

Donated goods at the relief station in Dujiangyan

Xiong Qiang, a resident in Chengdu, is a Gladney volunteer helping our earthquake relief operation. His reports on the situation from the earthquake epicenter have been very useful in our decision on how we should use our relief funds effectively.

In the past week or so, he has been in close contact with Dujiangyan county government. He was instructed to contact the Nanchong Social Welfare Institute in Nanchong county and the Guangyuan Social Welfare Institute in Guangyuan city. According to Xiong Qiang, Nanchong SWI’s damage is minimal, but all children from Guangyuan SWI has been moved out the damaged building, and living in the open space. Guangyuan SWI needs everything!!! They particularly requested for TENTS. They need 200 TENTS.

On May 25, Xiong Qiang and I talked on the phone for hours. We finally agreed that we will purchase the following materials with the Gladney earthquake relief fund:

1) Vegetable and fruit juice – Earthquake victims need food, water and nutrition. Vegetable and fruit juice serves that purpose better than pure water or dry food.
2) Medicines (anti-biotic, anti-flu, etc.) – For wounded and sick victims due to raining, hot, humid weather, etc.
3) Tents – Tens of thousands of earthquake victims are living in tents.

On May 26, our relief funds were wired to Chengdu. Xiong Qiang received the wired funds in the morning of May 28. He then lost no time and went to purchase medicine worth 26,000RMB, approximately $4,000, a lot of veggie and fruit juices, and 60 tents, that were all he could get from the shop that day.

With the instruction of Chengdu city government, he and three other volunteers drove to Dujiangyan with the veggie and fruit juices and medicines. The juices were delivered to a rescue station, and the medicines were shipped to the local hospital. According to the local rescue command office, use of medicines need to get the approval by medical personals.

On May 29, Xiong Qiang and his team left Dujiangyan to Guangyuan with a carful load of 61 tents and 100 gifts to children from the Guanyuan SWI. They were very thoughtful and bought gifts for children as June 1 is the International Children’s Day in China, a holiday for children throughout China. Xiong Qiang and his friends want children from the epicenter know that they have not been forgotten, and that they can celebrate the holiday with children from the rest of the country. Each gift bag includes food, candy, biscuits, towels, etc. At the Guangyuan SWI, our representative Xiong Qiang met Director Zhang, who told thanked Xiong Qiang for what Gladney has donated. Director Zhang also mentioned that Guangyuan city is assessing the damage in Qingchuang county, which is administratively part of the Guangzhou city. Xiong Qiang made Director Zhang to promise that they will let us know once the assessment is completed, and what the need is.

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