Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sarah Friday Wins an Award!

Our oldest daughter, Sarah Katherine Friday, was chosen for an award at our school in May 2008. We are proud of Sarah and we wanted to share this with Gladney.

We are always thankful for everyone at Gladney, who helped transform us from a happy couple to a happy family of four. Sarah is from Changsha, Hunan; Gladney adoption: 2/28/00; birthday: 05/28/99
Thanks so much,

Susan and David Friday

2008 Recipient: Sarah Friday - Third Grade - Cathy Erlandson, teacher
Parents: David and Susan Friday
The Mary McFadden Award is given to a Lower School student who exhibits the
same enthusiasm for learning, compassion for others, and joy of life that
Mary McFadden brought to the Trinity campus for 32 years. The Lower School
faculty chooses the recipient."

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