Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Grateful Mom's View Of The CCAA Luncheon

Gladney mom Monica Reddin and her husband Paul and daughter Katie, aged 4 from Chongquing, were one of the 50 people who attended the wonderful luncheon and reception for the CCAA which Gladney's New York office hosted on August 10, 2009. The CCAA were in town for the COA luncheon and Asia Program Director Gongzhan Wu acted as a translator and liason for the CCAA staff. Fortunately for us, Paul is an excellent photographer and artist, and Monica writes a wonderful blog, which can be found here. She generously shared her reflections on the luncheon and Paul's wonderful photos with the Gladney blog! See below!

Yesterday we had the unique opportunity through our agency, Gladney to meet with a delegation from CCAA led by Deputy Director-General Chu Xiaoying who were in town for the COA conference. It was a chance for them to meet some of the Gladney families and see the children they have matched to make those families. In a brief speech Ms. Chu stated how gratifying it is for them to meet the families, how they mostly do the paperwork & do not get the chance to really meet the children who are placed. What made the day so special was seeing these men & women so happy to see our families. They truly enjoyed getting right on the floor & playing with the littler girls and listening to one group of sisters serenade them.

I always have wondered about the faces behind the initials CCAA and how they feel about their role in our lives, well now I know and it was an honor to be able to meet them. It gave us the chance to say thank you for our daughter and making our family complete.

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