Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yanyan's Year

Our wonderful au pair Yanyan, from Kunming, China, left last night to pursue studies at a university in the San Fracisco Bay Area. Although we wholeheartedly support her goals and dreams, the tears were flowing freely in our house as we said goodbye! We have had a fantastic year with Yanyan. She was a terrific caregiver, mainly to Kathryn and Sarah, but also to big brother James out of school hours. And it was a great experience to share her culture and language with her! She taught the girls some Chinese, and gave all of us more insights to Chinese culture and customs.

We highly recommend the au pair program and I would be happy to talk with anyone about it in more detail! Feel free to contact me at This flexible childcare situation has worked out really well for our family, and we will welcome a new au pair in September.

We love you and will miss you very much, Yanyan!

Watch Yanyan's beautiful farewell video, which she generously agreed to let me post on the blog, here. (Our calico Pyewacket and big gray cat Greystoke are featured along with our children)!

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