Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Children from CCAA's Shared List

We are thrilled to report that seven children were locked for Gladney families during the most recent update on the CCAA shared list. The photos below are some of the children that were locked for families during this last update.

***The China Waiting Children program has many children that are available with varying degrees of correctable and non-correctable medical issues. There are many precious children ready for adoption who are waiting for their forever families. Please contact April Lerch, Waiting Children Coordinator at 212.868.4564 for more information about the China Waiting Children program.***

Little girl, DOB 11/11/08
Little girl, DOB - 9/2/08 Little boy, DOB - 8/17/08
Little boy, DOB - 7/10/08
Little girl, DOB - 7/1/09

Little boy, DOB - 4/11/04

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