Friday, July 16, 2010

China Monthly Update - July 2010

Yesterday we received 3 referrals - all healthy little girls from Guangxi province under 12 months of age! These little ones will be coming home in the Fall to their parents in New York, New Jersey and Texas! Congratulations!

Gladney has now received referrals for families with a LID through April 29, 2006. Our next Gladney families to receive referrals have LIDs of May 16, 2006.

The CCAA has not yet updated its website to reflect the new referrals. At this time they are still indicating referrals through April 26, 2006. Dossier review is reported for LIDs through July 31, 2009. When the CCAA updates their website, we will update the blog with the latest referral and dossier review information.

There are currently 5 families in Guangzhou completing their adoptions and ready to return to the US. Congratulations and welcome home!

I-600A Process:
USCIS has changed the way they will be processing all I-600A Applications and Extensions. As of July 1st, any China family still under the I-600A system will be filing their extensions with the National Benefits Center unit of the CIS. This is the same place where all of the Hague I-800A Applications are processed. Families will no longer be filing with, or working with, their individual state offices. Your caseworker will work with you closely when it's time to re-file for your I-600A Extension.

This new procedure will provide uniform processing for all I-600A families. We are excited about this change as we have seen how efficiently the NBC handles the processing for our I-800A families. The processing time is expected to be much faster and more efficient. Additionally, the NBC has a great history of communicating well with families and agencies, so any issues or questions that come up are dealt with quickly. If you have any questions about this new process please be in touch with your caseworker.

GFA's Upcoming Year:
Each local GFA (Gladney Family Association) chapter is beginning to plan their events for the upcoming year. GFA events are a wonderful way to meet and connect with other adoptive families in your area. There are many opportunities for our approved and waiting families to get involved with their local GFA. Most GFA chapters have a big kickoff event in late August or September. If you would like more information about your GFA chapter or would like to become involved in the planning please be in touch with Wendy Lee at or by calling 817-922-5947.

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