Friday, February 03, 2012

Adoption Terms Quiz

In the adoption process there are many different acronyms that are used by adoptive families and agency staff. To further complicate things, each country/program has it’s own set of acronyms! It can be hard to remember what each acronym stands for, so to help refresh your memory take our fun quiz below! Extra points if you can name which country/program each acronym is for!

a.Legal Intended Dossier
b.Log In Date
c.Cover to a pot

2.L.S.C. (also referred to sometimes as L.O.A.)
a.Letter Seeking Confirmation (Letter Of Acceptance)
b.Legally Sealed Child (Legal Office Agreement)
c.License Signed Confirmation (License Of Acceptance)

a.Travel Agreement
b.Travel Approval
c.Travel Agent

4.C.C.C.W.A. (formerly C.C.A.A.)
a.China Center for Children and Waiting Adoptions (China Center for Adoption Affairs)
b.Chinese Consulate Center for Welfare and Adoptions (Chinese Center for Approved Adoptions)
c.China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (China Center for Adoption Affairs)

a.Adoption Institute in Taiwan
b.Adoptions In Taiwan
c.American Institute in Taiwan

a.Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
b.Texas Economic and Cultural Office
c.Taiwan Exceptional Certification Office

Answer Key:
1.B (China)
2.A (China)
3.B (China)
4.C (China)
5.C (Taiwan)
6. A (Taiwan)

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