Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recently in China Adoption News

  • CCCWA has matched families with LIDs through August 15, 2006! Congratulations to all of the families who have received referrals.
  • CCCWA has reviewed dossiers with LIDs through November 30, 2010.
  • CCCWA has issued a Travel Approval for one Gladney family in January!
  • Three Gladney families travelled to China to complete their adoptions in January!
Welcome Home!
Eliana and Dad
Eliana and Dad
Guang Ming Program
Guang Ming Boy 2Guang Ming Boy 1
These two funny, smart, and good natured boys are waiting for their forever families!
Gladney continues to receive profiles of children through our partnership program with Shanghai Children's Home. Check our Asia Waiting Child blog for more information about children that are available through the Gladney Center for Adoption.

To hear first hand about the children at Shanghai Children's Home and learn more about Gladney's partnership program, we hosted a special webinar presentation on January 19th featuring Pat Marcus, pediatric physical therapist and Superkids volunteer. Pat spoke about her recent trip to SCH and the wonderful kids that she met who are living at the orphanage and in foster care. The recording of this webinar can be accessed here.

Join us for one of Gladney's monthly webinars which give an overview of the China Guang Ming program and talk about children available for adoption. These webinars are normally scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 1pm EST. Click here to register.

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