Friday, March 09, 2012

Gladney's Guang Ming Star!

You You, age 7
"You You is a smart sweet boy. He was proud and confident when he told me he achieved top marks in school. He wore his bright yellow school uniform when he came to meet me. He enjoys making jokes and making all the adults laugh. Since I could not understand the jokes he drew pictures and quizzed me on what each picture was. His thumb is missing bones and his forearm is shortened but he is comfortable and confident with his body and uses his hand and arm well. He demonstrated a crane pose for me. He was comfortable with asking me why I wanted any bit of information. His favorite activities were drawing, painting and YoYo. He told me he does not like to eat too much because he worries his tummy will explode. He is really an amazing boy who demonstrated his great sense of humor and maturity and confidence well beyond his age."
~ Pat Marcus, Pediatric Physical Therapist
You You practicing his crane pose and stringing beads.
Pat and You You in Shanghai Children's Home foster care center.
Pat visited Shanghai Children's Home and met with many children, including You You this past November as part of Superkids Charity. You can hear more from Pat about her recent experience in China here.

You You is one of several great kids waiting for a forever family! For more information about Gladney's China Waiting Child program please contact Asia Program Caseworker, April Uduhiri at for more information.
Gladney Center for Adoption
光 明 Guang Ming/Waiting Child Program
The Chinese characters, Guang ("light" or "bright") and Ming ("bright", "clear") together portray the meaning of a bright future and are also used to refer to someone who is promising and who has great potential. We feel these words capture the essence of our mission at Gladney and our hopes for the children.

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