Wednesday, July 04, 2012

2012 Summer Campaign for Guang Ming 光明

Advocating for Children Who Wait
Gladney's Asia Team is continuing the campaign to raise awareness of Gladney's Guang Ming program and Superkids Charity!

We are eager to spread the word further about the Guang Ming/China Waiting Child program and the children who are waiting for a forever family to call their own. We have been blogging, emailing, webinar-ing, tweeting and sharing our excitement with as many people as we can. We are so appreciative of our supporters and adoption advocates who are sharing their enthusiasm throughout their communities and beyond!

Follow us on Twitter @Gladneyasia and @Superkids_Pat for updates on the Superkids trip that happened this month! Pat Marcus, a volunteer pediatric physical therapist with Superkids has also been blogging about her trip. Click here to read her posts.

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