Monday, July 09, 2012

Rainbow Kids founded by Gladney Mom, Martha Osborne

In 1996, while still in the adoption process for her first daughter, Martha Osborne was inspired to start a website to assist other families who were searching for information on how to adopt a child from another country. 16 years later, Martha is proud to say of her RainbowKids website "It has taken on a life of its own!"
Martha with her daughter Kate,
who was adopted through Gladney.
Now the largest international adoption website online, RainbowKids Adoption Advocacy features special needs and older children throughout the world who are waiting to be adopted. Just this summer, a wonderful video was added to the website featuring over 200 beautiful children, now home in their families, who were once identified as "special needs". Here is the link to see The Waiting Child Video. We think it shows how adoption is changing the lives of waiting children as well as the families that are opening their hearts to the love lessons these little ones are teaching us daily!

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