Friday, October 19, 2012

Michelle's Essay

Michelle Y., 12, was adopted from Changzhou City
Children's Welfare Institute in 2001

In the Gladney Moments section of our newsletter, we enjoy featuring articles from and about our families. More and more families are sharing special pieces their children have written or projects they are involved in that relate to China or adoption. One such piece is an essay written by Michelle last year in sixth grade. The assignment was to write an essay about "What would you most like to improve about yourself?"
The paragraph below is an excerpt from Michelle's entire essay which can be found here.
"If I could speak Chinese fluently, I would take a trip to China. I want to see the orphanage where I grew up and talk to the people that work there. I want to know what the situation was like when I was there and find out if they knew my birthparents. This would help me understand what it was like when I was a baby in China. I have photos of the person who took care of me in the orphanage. She was a girl who grew up in the orphanage and was never adopted because of her skin condition (albinism). I think it would be nice and thoughtful if I traveled back to China and thanked my caretaker in Chinese."

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