Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gracie is Going to Pre-School

Gracie, Queen of the Hill, not more than three weeks ago ...

And, this morning ... here she is ... aging right before your eyes.

Ok, so it isn't often that I take the time to share with you my small moments in life but today was one of them. Gracie is officially a big girl and going to full time pre-school. After much agonizing (mostly by me), we have left the trusted care of our long time day care provider, aka Aunt Dianne, and have decided to enter into the full time realm of preschool.

Gracie was all for it until 3 weeks ago when she realized her reign at Aunt Dianne's was coming to an end and the end of home made soups, one-on-one cuddling time with Dianne, running the show and telling the other kids what to do. This is all being traded in for the big girl stuff, like learning to read, algebra (ok, maybe not algebra but we'll start with the basics like counting), making friends her own age, etc. After some coaxing, and shopping (of course, she is my daughter) for a new princess back pack and some school supplies, she was ready to go. She had a great day and so far hasn't looked back (sorry Dianne).

I cannot believe 3 1/2 years have come and gone so quickly. It feels like yesterday that we just packed for China and now Grace is a big girl going to big girl school. I think I better bore you all with more updates and slow down the hands of time. :) --- Robin Huisking

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