Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Kathryn and Whitney Journals (6) - Fall Transitions in Brooklyn

The end of August brought several changes to our household. James got ready to give up summer pleasures for the rigors of first grade.:-). Kathryn started going to the babysitter full-time...and the reason for that was that Mom went back to work after 6 months off with her!

Of course I was filled with trepidation, just as I had been when I first returned to work after leaving James five years before. But this time was a teensy bit easier because we already had our beloved babysitter (yes, the same one who started taking care of James 5 years ago). Barbara is a natural with kids, a 62 years young grandma who raised 5 children of her own and is now her grandchildrens' favorite "Nanny." (from Nana, not as in The Nanny). James has been an honorary grandson for a long time, and she was so excited when she first heard of our adoption plans.

I started bringing Kathryn to Barbara when I had meetings for the one project I was still working on at work while I was out on maternity leave. Then, as my official return-to-work date approached, I started bringing her a couple of times a week. So by the time the fateful day, August 21, arrived, Kathryn was very comfortable with the environment at Nanny's. She likes being around Barbara's two small grandsons and blows kisses to Nanny. So this transition was very easy for's Mom who's having the harder time getting back into the work routine! Of course in a few months I'll be taking more time off when we go to China for a second adoption, so that has eased my pain somewhat.:-). Now if I could just get used to the morning rush...I will, eventually! Work itself is going great and it's fun doing storytimes at the library and having adult conversations during the day again.

We do plan on exposing all three children to Chinese culture as soon as the girls are just a little bit older, through events and classes in language, culture and history--perhaps at the China School!

James really likes his teacher and class so far. He is proud to be in first grade. And of course the glue that is holding us all together through this transition is Chris. He worked so hard to make it possible for me to stay home for twice as long as originally planned and he is our rock!

The picture shows Chris and the kids ready to leave the house to start their days one recent rainy morning.

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