Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kathryn and Whitney Journal (5) - Whitney's First Day at Playgroup!

Although our little Play Group doesn't exactly qualify as school, I still wanted to share our first experience. Whitney has been home for a little over six months now. She is 18 months and we are very ready to join some organized activities. We want to meet some children her age and some mommy friends for me :0). Today, we had our first official play group at St. James church in Manhattan. Whitney made every attempt to bring her best froggy friend with her. However, froggy is larger than some adults so we settled on her little lamb instead:

For over an hour, Whitney played with other children and had access to more toys than she could have ever imagined. There were great climbing toys, play kitchens, electronic and push toys, stuffed animals, books and almost every Fisher-Price item made in the last five years! It was so much fun and I made some new friends as well. Starting next week, we will also participate in a music class. Whitney's referral accurately noted her love for music and we have the requisite pink and white Hello Kitty CD player in her room!

In the spring, we will join a Mandarin-speaking play group. There are several in our area and I look forward to learning a few new phrases. My knowledge of the language consists of: hello, good-bye, thank-you and where is the restroom! We are waiting until spring so that Whitney has a solid understanding of English and is speaking a bit more. In addition, we will also be taking a Mommy & Me ballet class!

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