Thursday, June 14, 2007

James, Kathryn and Sarah And Their Daddy!!!

From Mom Stephanie:

Chris is the photographer in the family so it was hard to find pictures of him alone with the kids, but I dug up a few! (I really need to take some more of him alone with our youngest, Sarah, though!). James is almost 7 1/2 now, Kathryn (Guangdong, adopted 2006) will be 2 1/2 on July 1st and Sarah(Guangdong, adopted 2007) is 21 months. These pictures were all taken within the last six months. The one of Chris standing behind Sarah in her stroller was taken at the Guangzhou Zoo in March.

As you can see Chris almost always has a child hugging him or riding his back!

Kathryn in particular is a real Daddy's Girl these days!!

Happy Father's Day To All Dads!

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