Sunday, June 03, 2007

This Summer - Karolyn's Homeland Journey (3)

Mom Lisa writes:

Karolyn is having a wonderful time. She says that Beijing is not as crowded as she thought it would be. Karolyn also found out, contrary to what I told her, her friends buy food that has been imported from the States so she doesn't have to be too concerned about eating. I had advised her to eat like she does when she goes to Mexico. Everything has to be peeled and nothing raw can be eaten. Evidently, ours and Karolyn's friends have found sources which provide food that they can eat. However, they still wash everything with the anti-microbial wash.

Monday, she starts school. Her friend's teacher is not the typically very strict teacher that one finds in China. We are hoping that Karolyn is allowed to stay with Ann in the same class even though Ann is totally fluent in Chinese.

Karolyn's sister is still having trouble adjusting so I have arranged many playdates and sleep-overs during the next three weekends.

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