Friday, June 01, 2007

This Summer - Karolyn's Homeland Journey ( 2 )

Mom Lisa writes:

Today, May 31. Karolyn arrived in China. My friends said that she had a big smile on her face. We spoke this morning and she said the movies on Air China were all "shoot them up and murder stuff" which she did not want to watch. She used her new Nintendo DS and read. She is excited to be in Beijing. Tomorrow, Friday, she will celebrate her 12th birthday in the country of her birth.

Our friends in China have found some Beijing University students to tutor Karolyn after Chinese School. They will help her with Mandarin so that she can learn faster. Karolyn will start school on June 4 and is very excited that there is a school uniform.

On another note, Zoe, her 7 year old sister, was in tears this morning because she misses her sister. Zoe wanted to go with her sister but because of her age was not allowed. Zoe is also adopted from China and arrived in the States in 2000. She has had melt downs both this morning and this evening. We have marked the calendar when Karolyn will return. On those days that Karolyn is not here, Zoe drew a tears. I have talked with her teachers and they are being very supportive. The computer teacher will help Zoe email her sister in China.

Karolyn has promised to email more information.

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