Friday, August 03, 2007

Back to Zhengjiang 10 Years After ( 2 ) - The Zhengjiang SWI

The relevant page of the book of doptees including the four Zhenjiang girls in our group.

Zhenjiang (2) – The Zhenjiang Social Welfare Service Center

By Mitchell Senft

The Zhenjiang Social Welfare Service Center of which Shayna was cared for in its orphanage division, as it were, at its prior facility, since torn down for urban renewal. (We did not go there. The babies were brought to us in Nanjing in 1997 because operations were being transferred to the facility which we toured today.)
Shayana with Former Director Mr. Ji

Ms. Zhang, the then and now caregiver

We met with, exchanged gifts with one of the girls' caretakers, Ms. Zhang, still with the orphanage, its current director, and with the 97 director, now apparently the #2 for the entire center. We were greeted in a sort of director’s meeting-type room with a welcome Wang Jiang-Lu banner. We were shown records, some we had, some not, as well as the relevant page from what seemed to be the big book of adoptee, which had all four girls identified as well as a fifth. Donna gave them the printouts of the numerous photos of Denise and the one of Julia.

We had a brief tour of the orphanage, now with a lot more or a higher percentage of seriously special needs kids. I should say it was special needs heavy among the babies and infants, far less so among the older kids. Obviously the reason were told no photos or recording, although same was allowed in the private rooms, where we met and was served lunch. We said our goodbyes.

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