Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back to Zhengjiang 10 Year Later ( 1 ) - Train Ride

Donna and Shayna on the train from Shanghai to Zhenjiang

Zhenjiang (1) – Train Ride
By Mitchell Senft

I almost even recognized the train station on arrival. (This after confirming the three subsequent nights at the Galaxy, which involved, apparently, a wake up call to Zoe, who did not sound very awake at all at 0700.Her agency had made the arrangements including paying in advance.)

Great train ride, once we learn the hard way that we had reserved seats (the passenger in whose seat we were occupying literally pointed it out to us). Train was new, clean, fast, with at least one non-flushing toilet. Food was a beverage cart, not a pot of tea carried by army personnel or people dressed liked army personnel (aged memory fails on this point). Met at the station by Lily, the guide/interpreter whose agency was retained on our behalf by George Wu and from there directly to the hired vehicle and the ride to...

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