Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blessings from China by Roberta Diggs
Gladney mom, Roberta Diggs, has published her first book entitled Blessings from China. In this book Roberta takes you on a journey halfway around the world of her and her husband’s mission to rescue two abandoned children, Tracie and Marcie. You will laugh and cry as you follow the moving experience of Roberta and Billy as they become first-time parents in the forties. It is a poignant memoir about the reality of adoption, spiced with humor and the blessings of God. Blessings from China is sure to warm your heart and inspire your soul.

Roberta Diggs is a devoted wife and mother busy being a domestic engineer for her family. She has spoken on occasion to groups about her journey of adoption to China through the Gladney Center. She has a great passion for the people of China and especially for the orphanages that are full of children. She has been active in church, teaching young people and has been the women’s missionary leader. Roberta and her husband, Billy, live on a farm in western Oklahoma where they enjoy time with their two beautiful daughters, Tracie and Marcie.

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